Introduction: Where the F*** Is My House.

Hello there ;),
you might ask yourself what this project is for.
When I'm on holiday, I always wonder how far from my house I am, and also like to know the altitude at which I am etc...
And that's what this does; it tells you your latitude and longitude, the time (GMT), the altitude, and how far you are from your house. If you wanted, you could easily modify the code to tell you more like your speed and heading in degrees. 

Video :

I wanted to add an RFID reader and when it read certain tags, it would direct the user to the preset waypoint but I was running out of time and ...

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Finally, I would like to apologies for this entry, I find it very scruffy and unpolished.
I didn't have much time to do it, I have to work for school. If you have any question, please message me and I will take care to reply. Also, comment on what you would like to be added to this tutorial (such as a part you don't understand) and I will do my best to add it.

Again, I apologies.

Step 1: Hardware

The hardware is based on an Arduino Microcontroller, an GPS shield and an Lcd.
The lcd is connected to an I2C/SPI "backpack" to reduce the amount of pins needed put you could do without it.

The Gps,shield and backpack come from  
The lcd and arduino from

Finally it is enclosed in a rather nice case :

Step 2: Software

The software is based on the Tiny Gps library and the Liquid crystal library .
You have to modify the lat/long to your house's one.
If you don't know your latitude and longitude, you can check out this website ( ).

If you have any enquiry, send me a message.

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