Introduction: Which Knex Gun I Should Make?

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The gun on the left i designed and the gun on the right my bro designed.

My gun (The left one) has won! with 5 votes... lol

Anyone can still make the one my bro made (The right one), Just be sure to give him credit (He does not have an instructables account but in most online websites and games, he is known as Stamp-DC)

I am very surprised no one voted for my bros gun, was it that bad?

NOTE: I said in the comments that i might post an ible for the finished gun, this is true but will take some time. First off i do not have a camera so i have to borrow my bros. Second, i can make good designs, but however i cannot make good gun meches.

EDIT: Its going to take longer than i thought... a dog bit my leg, and left a hole in it...