Introduction: While SMD LED 0603 Mini Tree

This is mini SMD LED tree using standard CMOS battery 3V or CR2032
Each white LED has about 0.09Watt all of 16 Leds smd white or blue 0603
White led and blue led can be couple together they have about same wattage
I found that it is not suitable to combined red, or orange led, or green with white one the orange and red consumed more power
Each tips of the wire should be sand by using sand paper to exposed their conductive core and easily to solder them onto smd terminal.
these leds are small. Use double tape and put them facing down and solder them properly. Wire about your desired length or tall.
make sure which is negative which is positive. Separated them accordingly.
The stand is made from led candle. Small one for cell battery as in the video.
It would be great desk decoration. And it will last for a week.

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