Introduction: Whimsical "Third Hand" Holder.

This is an entry for the "Trash To Treasure" contest.

Step 1: Holder Idea

I use toys for pictures and stop motion animation experiments and I bought several of these Jurassic World "Snap Squad" mini-dinos for use: They can stand on two legs and have a spring-loaded head. But of three I bought, one couldn't stand on its own and kept falling over.

Rather than tossing it out, I decided to turn it into a specialized tool called a "third hand" because of the fact that the head could keep a grip anything small.

Step 2: Materials Needed

The materials are these: One of these "Snap Squad" toy Dinos and foamboard scraps. Cardboard will do as well, as will a scrap of wood.

The foamboard was glued together to make a stable base: Any glue will do. I then put the dino on the base and traced around the feet in order to mark its' position on the base . After that I painted the base brown then set it aside to dry.

Step 3: Final Assembly.

After the paint dried, I used hot glue to mount it on the base.

Step 4: And Use.

I use this to hold items for soldering. The first two pics are of a solar cell and the next is of a reclaimed lithium battery I was prepping for use. I do have a regular "Third hand" with magnifier which I use: But this whimsical holder could also be used to hold a small sign or a business card at a collectable show or another type of business.

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