Introduction: Whimsical White Cat Nail Art

Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. This nail video is just a whimsical white cat with some dots and strips with a Halloween feel. I hope you enjoy!

Nail Polish and materials used

Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Orange nail polish/ I used Finger paints Tangerine tint

Thin brush

Dotting tool

Acrylic Paint in white/ I used Folk Art from Wal-mart

Kiss Nail Art paint in white and black

Top coat Seche Vite

Music: YouTube

Step 1: Base Coat

For my base coat I used Sally Henson hard as nails (from Wal-mart) to paint all finger nails.

Step 2: Color

For the color I used an orange color called tangerine from Finger paints nail polish for all nails (any orange polish will do).

Step 3: Cat Nail Art: Head of Cat

I used a thin bush and white acrylic paint from Wal-mart. On my ring finger I painted a circle for the head and two upside down V shapes for the ears.

Step 4: Cat Nail Art: Neck and Body

I painted a line from the head for the neck and a triangle at the bottom of neck for the body,

Step 5: Finishing Touches for Cat Nail Art: Tail

I filled in face and added some white around the head so it wouldn't be round. I added a curvy line that connected to the cat's body for the tail.

Step 6: Line Nail Art

I used Kiss Nail Art paint in white and black and alternated lines on my middle finger.

Step 7: Dot Nail Art

I used a Dotting tool and the same Kiss Nail Art paint in white and black to paint dots on both my pinkie and pointing fingers.

Step 8: Top Coat

The last step is to paint a clear polish on all nails. I used Top coat Seche Vite.

Step 9: All Done

Hope you enjoyed!