Introduction: Whirlpool Devil Buzzer...BE GONE!

This is specifically for a Whirlpool, Thin Twin which is an apartment dryer. If you use one of these, you will understand when I say it has a buzzer hooked to the timer which is straight from the devil's bunghole. I know it will happen but it never fails, when the session is complete and I am anywhere in the apartment, the results include me waking the neighbors with curse words and possibly a figure of speech involving excrement. (To be fair, the neighbor upstairs doesn't sit still and wears horseshoes at all hours of the day on her daily shoes, tennis shoes, slippers...she has to. I do not feel bad about cursing the devil buzzer.)


Step 1: Tools and Supplies

This is a super long list.

I tried needle nose pliers like I've seen suggested other places but they just weren't big enough. Larger pliers were too big to get in there so I used these smaller, dainty pliers which worked great.

*Small, dainty pliers

*Electrical tape

AGAIN, UNPLUG YOUR UNIT!!! If the devil's playground shocks the hell out of you, it is not my fault.

Step 2: Front Panel

This is a close up of the left and right sides of the front panel which will be what we remove. The devil is behind the right side.

DID YOU UNPLUG YOUR UNIT??? Last chance to save your favorite shorts.

Step 3: Pins

You will need to find these pins and with the dainty pliers, you will pull down as far as you can. There is a sliding bar which goes up to the top behind the panel and it holds the top of the panel in the machine frame. I'm including a closeup of the pin so you can see how it works. There will be another photo later which shows the bar.

I HOPE YOU'RE STILL WITH US. No more warnings.

Step 4: Inside the Devil's Playpen

I did not get a photo before I vacuumed out the dust and hair but I was rather surprised how clean it was considering it is an apartment complex. Score one for the management. (They needed that point since they lost one for their limited parking.)

Step 5: Remove the Wires

The devil is hooked up to his power supply by two black wires. You need to grab the plastic covers though so you don't pull the wires out. It might take a little bit of muscle because the devil does not want to lose his power!

Step 6: The Devil's Location

The devil will be between the dryer Power button and the dryer Settings button. If you've seen The Waterboy, you'll understand the second caption. The devil is not as scary as he sounds. As long as you unplugged your unit, he is all bark and no bite. These photos show the wires already disconnected.

Step 7: Tape the Wires

This is just an extra safety measure. If dust, hair or other debris get inside again, it could cause a fire and the devil will return!!! Not really but it would not be a good situation. I taped the opening on the plastic so nothing would get into the wires and then I taped the whole thing to another set of wires to make sure they would move with the panel when I replaced it. It will also keep them from rattling inside the cabinet after it is put back together. You can see we did not remove the devil completely because we can return it to its original condition if she decides to move. (Okay, we may leave it and spare the new tenants. Shhh.)

When you replace the panel, make sure the tabs on the bottom of the panel go inside the cabinet. You might also have to wiggle the panel sideways to align everything just right. Pull the pins again and work in one side at a time. Plug the unit back in. Congrats. Not a huge project but it will save clothing and curse words in the future! Satisfaction.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I found very brief instructions online other places and for other units but could not find anything on here.