Introduction: Whiskey Bottle Hanging Lamp

I really like the looks of the Jack Daniel's bottle and I needed a hanging lamp in my man cave so that is how this came to be. This is a bar size 1L bottle but I think it is possible to do this project with a standard 750ml but you will need a smaller bulb to fit inside.

Step 1: Starting With the Guts

Things you will need:

Safety glasses and dust mask

1L Jack Daniel's bottle

Cool antique looking light bulb 40W

Light bulb socket

Dremel tool

diamond cutting bit



Wine cork

Drill with assorted bits

Rope ( optional )

Electrical tape

Duco cement or something like that

Power cord and 120V Plug if not supplied with power cord ( you could use cloth covered cord as an option)

I found an old lamp assembly with a 8 foot cord in the trash but you can get the switch / socket assembly and power cord at any hardware store.

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle ( Safety First)

This is the tricky part!
I used a JD bottle and it has a paper label so I covered the label area with plastic wrap to protect it during the cutting process.

1st ) Score the bottle with a glass cutter or as I did I cut a line along the bottom of the bottle with the diamond bit and dremel tool at full speed. ( use a very light touch and don't forget the safety glasses and dust mask).

2nd) Boil about 3 to 4 cups of water and have this ready in a coffee pot or something that pours easy .

(don't forget the safety glasses)

3rd) what you need to do now is to slowly pour the boiling hot water over the "scored" bottom of the bottle for a few seconds then put the bottle under cold water. do this a few times hot to cold and you will hear it start to crack. With any luck (and mine worked the first time) the bottom will crack off! sorry no pics of that

It might not be a perfect cut but about 75% of mine was a clean break.

Step 3: Trim and Sand

I used pliers and a fine touch to nip off the remaining edges. I also used the Dremel diamond bit to smooth out the edge. Be careful because this glass is not that thick on some bottles.

I used the dremel tool and 120 grit sandpaper on a orbital sander to finish the edge, again be gentile.

Step 4: Assembly

After cleaning the inside of the bottle I fed the wires thru the bottom and used a wine cork as a strain relief and drilled a hole thru it small enough to make the wires a little snug .

Attach the 120v plug at this time

I used a 40w antique Edison bulb from Menards but this was my choice, you can use any bulb.

Attach the bulb and pull the slack up into the bottle and pull the cork down into the bottle top. This should be a snug fit. If you want you could add a little glue to the cork at this time.

I used the standard lamp cord and wrapped the wire in some black and orange rope that I had. I used black electrical tape to secure the rope but you could also go to and purchase cloth covered rope. This would be nice.

That"s it

Now just hang and enjoy!