Introduction: Whisper Phone for Reading Comprehension

Do you know anyone that has difficulty with reading comprehension? Many students and adults have trouble understanding what they read. A whisper phone makes reading comprehension much easier and makes reading fun!

Step 1: Build a Simple Whisper Phone From PVC

Gather your materials. You will need:

  • 1 inch PVC - you only need a 5 inch section so you may have that lying around or buy a small section at a hardware store.
  • 2 - 1 inch PVC elbows
  • spray paint- if you want to be fancy like that
  • A saw or method to cut your PVC

Step 2: Build Your Whisper Phone in Minutes!

  1. Cut a 5 inch section of pvc pipe
  2. Dry fit the elbows on the ends
  3. Spray paint it if you want to or decorate with stickers.

Your whisper phone is ready to use!

You can glue your elbows if you want to but it really is not necessary.

You may want to not glue them in case you have 2 kids/people that may want to read together. Kids can sit back to back and take turns reading with one whisper just turn one of the elbows around about 180 degrees so one can hear and one can read.

Step 3: Improve Reading Comprehension

Many people, children and adults, comprehend what they read much better if they can hear themselves read. A whisper phone is a quieter way for a reader to hear themselves reading. The amplified sound of their words helps many readers to understanding the meaning of text much better than reading silently to themselves.

Many schools allow students to use whisper phones to improve reading comprehension. Why buy an expensive plastic whisper phone from a teacher supply store when you can easily make one in a few minutes for less than $2.00?

Whisper phones also help people who are struggling with reading comprehension after cognitive injury.

A whisper phone is a great way to make reading fun and increase comprehension and fluency.

Step 4:

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