Introduction: Whistle Harp Instrument

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This designs purpose is to make an instrument that sounds both like a recorder/flute and also a harp at the same time. I hope you like this design. It is a 3D printable instrument, but can also be made from wood, ( or metal, I haven't actually tried to do this yet,). If you make this design out of wood or metal, first look up the thickness of the pipe, and the distance between the holes. (This varies depending on wood type and what scale you want the instrument to play, so I did not include it here) I hope you enjoy making it and I would love to see pictures of this design that someone else has made besides me.

P.S. If you want the stl. files for printing, than look me up on Tinkercad, or put a post saying that you want them.

-Josiah Miller


If you plan on 3D printing this instrument, which is what it is for, you will need...

3D printer

instrument strings

PLA or other filament.

If you plan of making this design out of wood, which is possible, you will need...

Three dowel rods

instrument strings

instrument keys

along with assorted tools. This Instructable will only give limited information on how to make this out of wood, but still have fun!

Step 1: Step 1; Print the Base

This is pretty self explanatory. Just print the base for the whistle harp off of my stl. file.

Step 2: Step 2; Clear the Air Hole

Depending on what type of printer you have you may have to clear any extra drips from the air hole and the tube. With that said, most printers manufactured this year (2019) or last year (2018) should not drip, but check just in case.

Step 3: Step 3; Print the Keys

Download the stl. file and print the keys. Make sure there is a little hole at the end to put the string through.

Step 4: Finish

Screw all the keys into the main body and attach the strings. Tune the harp by turning the key. In order to get the right notes you can either buy a tuner from a music store, ( ranges from $10 - $200) or you can go the cheap route and just download a tuner onto you computer. (There are also internet based ones as well.)

Step 5: Final Note

Play your instrument and enjoy it. It also will make a good Christmas or birthday present. I hope you liked this design, Thank you for reading my instrucable.

- Josiah Miller

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