Introduction: White Castle Hamburgers AT HOME!

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For tips on Cast-iron cookware, go here.

Update: When making burgers like this it is pretty important to keep them all uniform in shape and thickness.
To make sure they are all the same thickness head on down to your local hardware store and purchase 2 dowels (square dowels work the best)
and then head to walmart or your local supermarket and pick up some wax paper,a long rolling pin, and one of them roll type pizza cutters.
Set your dowels down on your counter at about the max width of your rolling pin. and then place one long piece of wax paper between and over your dowels. toss your beaten meat in between the dowels and on top of that wax paper ( try and spread it out a little so its not one giant beaten meat pile in the middle) toss another piece of wax paper over the top. get out the trusty rolling pin and start rolling making sure that the rolling pin stays on top of the dowels as you roll you may need to adjust the top piece of wax paper. you should wind up with a big somewhat square sheet of beaten meat, now all you need to do is peel off the top wax paper, slide the dowels out and run your pizza cutter across your meat in straight lines(forming squares) and you are ready to hit the frying pan!

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Step 1: Do Work.

Go get..

1/4 cup of hot water, boiled in the microwave.
About a teaspoon of dry onion in the little jar(it equals to about a small onion in really small cubes.)
3oz. jar of beef baby food (trust me, you'll love em')
1lb of Ground beef
2/3 cup of beef broth (start with 1/3 and work your way up, or they with be really mushy)
an actual pinch of salt(not an 1/8th Tsp)
small hamburger buns or dinner rolls(like burn and throw away rolls)
a small bird to help you along the way.
sliced cheese (optional)
vegetable oil (optional)
Cast iron pan (easier to control the heat, a non-stick pan will work, but dont get it too hot or use a metal spatula)

Wooden dowels I've heard work well to keep the burgers shape around them, mostly the square dowels.

Step 2: Onion Preparation

Grab your hot water and dry onions and mix them, let sit for at least 10 minutes. Or mince your small/medium onion.

Step 3: Beat Your Meat.

Mix beef, baby food, and broth in a bowl really well, i missed a few globs of meat when i mixed mine. Its fine to use your hands. Wash with soap before and after.

Update: although a pair of beaters works well for mixing the meat, they are harder than somethings, to clean.

Meanwhile Grease your Pan with a little bit of oil maybe use a paper towel to spread it around. You dont need much, just enough.

Step 4: Lets Actually Get to Cooking!

Form into small squares or circles bigger than your buns. Poke 5 holes into them with your fingers. Lay down a bed of onions and that pinch of salt where your going to put your slyders. if you forget to put them down, put them on the top while its still raw so they fry when you flip them, also if you want, put them in the holes. Keep cooking for a while on the same side until pretty brown and even. Flip them.

Step 5: End This Madness and Eat!!! Soon..

immediately place on buns to let the flavors fuse with the buns, add cheese if wanted. Repeat. then, once again If wanted, fry up some onions on their own and add them on top. they're good. Eat em' up.

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