Introduction: White House Lattice

3D printing enables fabrication of complex designs. This advantage is often called "complexity is free." This design combines the freedom of complexity in the form of Christmas Star-shaped lattice structures with the general shape of the White House. In the Biblical Christmas story, the star plays a role in guiding the Magi to visit a young Jesus in the town of Bethlehem. The star reminds us of light, guidance, wisdom, faith, hope, joy, and perseverance.

The ornament is single piece. No assembly is required except adding a string or hook prior to placement on the Christmas tree. It is recommended that the White House be oriented right-side up on the build platform prior to the start of the print. Supports may be generated during printing if using a freeform filament fabrication/fused deposition modeling printer. Supports would have to be removed prior to placing on the Christmas tree.

Step 1: Orient Part and Process

Load STL into print process software. It is recommended that the White House be oriented right-side up on the build platform. Slice and process (i.e. create supports, generate tool path, etc.).

Step 2: Print

Start print job

Step 3: Remove Supports

Remove the completed part from the build plate or build volume. Remove supports either a.) mechanically or b.) dissolve if using dissolvable supports

Step 4: Add String or Hook

An eyelet is on the top of the White House. Tie string or add a hook

Step 5: Place on Tree

Place on tree and enjoy!

Step 6:

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