The White House in Winter

Introduction: The White House in Winter

This ornament depicts the White House enveloped in the snowflakes of winter. I took inspiration from the typical circular design of ornaments. I then added my own design of the White House as well as snowflakes for decoration!

Step 1: Software

I used Tinkercad to design my ornament.

Step 2: Design the Main Shape

  • Start with a large sphere
  • Add two cylinders and rotate one 90 degrees
  • Align them in the middle and make them holes
  • Build a base to fill in the bottom of the shape

Step 3: Design the White House

  • Start with a rectangle
  • Design smaller rectangles for the windows
  • Copy and paste them and make them holes
  • Design small cylinders for the front of the White House
  • Build a roof for the front and raise it up on top of the cylinders
  • Add a cylinder for the back of the White House
  • Using rectangles cut out holes in the cylinder
  • Attach it in the back of the White House

Step 4: Design the Snowflakes

  1. Add one rectangle
  2. Copy the rectangle twice and rotate them in opposite directions
  3. Copy half of that shape and make it smaller
  4. Align it to the center of the end of one of the larger rectangles
  5. Repeat for all sides

Step 5: Combine

  1. Combine and align all components

Step 6: Voila!

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    Fission Chips

    Whoa! This looks great. Thanks for including all of the steps you went through to make it. It looks so swagalicious, and I love-love-LOVE that blue color. Fantastic job, and good luck in the contest!