Introduction: Sleigh on the White House

About: I am a member of the class of 2018 at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering studying robotics engineering.

This Instructable will detail how to print out an ornamental decoration for the holiday season!

Step 1: Model the Ornament in 3D

To begin printing your own ornament you need to first have a 3D model of the design that you like. For this step you can either create a custom design of your own (for my design I used Solidworks) or you can simply download the design that is attached to this Instructable.

Step 2: Import the .STL File Into a Slicer

The next step is to place the .STL file of your design into a slicer of your choosing. If you downloaded a design then you can simply import the file directly. If you created your own design then you will need to first open your preferred CAD software and click FILE > SAVE AS then save your design as a .STL extension.

If you are unsure of what a slicer is or what slicing software you should be using I suggest any of the following:

- MakerBot Desktop (I am using this, but it is specifically geared towards MakerBot replicators)

- Repetier Host

- Slic3r

Step 3: Export Your Design From the Slicer to a 3D Printer Friendly File

Once your settings are to your liking you can export your file from your slicer software into a file that will eventually be interpreted by your 3D printer and printed into the physical world.

Step 4: Print!

Now that your file is compatible with your 3D printer, you can print it! Watch your ideas and concepts come to life!

Note: Always watch the first layers print to make sure that nothing goes wrong, but after that it should be fine if left alone.

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