White House Tree Ornament

Introduction: White House Tree Ornament

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Step 1: Step 1: All the Pieces You Need for the White House Ornament

Here are all the pieces you need to make the White House.

  • 14 Pillars (Width 3x3 with a box bottom and box top) 3x3x3 box on bottom and 3x3x1 box on the top.
    • 6 pillars have a height of 15
    • 8 pillars have a height of 23
  • 2 Rounded porches for back porch
  • 1 Rounded balcony between the first and second floor
  • 1 76x40x25 box for the main building
  • 1 74x38x23 box hole for punching out the hole inside the building
  • 1 2x40x25 center divider
  • 1 28x13.5x5.25 roof for front porch
  • 1 28x13.5x2 bottom part of the front porch
  • 1 76x5x5 box hole for punching out bottom guide for the light wires
  • 2 15x15x15 cylinder holes for punching out holes for twinkle lights
  • 1 1x1x20 cylinder for flag pole and 1 7x1x5 box for flag
  • 2 1.75x20x3 box holes for punching out windows
  • 2 5x5x2 tube thins for hanging supports
  • 2 8x8x2 tube things for hanging supports

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble All Pieces to Form White House!

  1. I recommend that you punch out the big box hole first.
  2. Next uniformly punch out the bottom holes for the twinkle lights.
  3. Use the 2 1.75x20x3 box holes to uniformly punch out windows around the building. You can safely make these longer to extend through the entire box so your windows line up on both sides. I used 8 windows on each sides of the porches (2 levels), 8 in the middle of the building (2 levels), and 8 on the sides (also 2 levels)
  4. Add the center divider in the middle of the building.
  5. Use long box hole to punch out the canal for the twinkle light wire.
  6. Now align the flat bottom porch to the front of the box.
  7. Align the roof to the top front of the building.
  8. Bring over 8 pillars (23 height) and uniformly add them. (3 on each side, 4 on the front) *if you're looking from the side of the building there will be 3 if you're looking from the front there will be 4.
  9. Do the same with the rounded porches, but on the back side of the building. The 2 bigger ones go on top and bottom, the thinner one goes in the middle. Do not add the thin one yet.
  10. Add the 6 pillars (15 height) and uniformly spread them out on the outside of the curved porches.
  11. Now add the thin balcony and resize slightly to fit between the first and second floor and make sure it's touching all pillars for support.
  12. Add the 4 hanging supports. I added the smaller ones from front to back and the larger from left to right. I made four so you could easily hang the ornament level on the tree.
  13. Then add the flag in the center of the building on the top and you're done!

Check out the pieces here.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That looks excellent. Your layout of all the White House components in the early steps made this very easy to reproduce.

    Fission Chips

    Whoa! This is so cool, and I love your integration of the lights. Voted, and good luck in those contests! You should make this into a kit.

    You got a lot of details in this tiny model - I am impressed. Thanks for sharing your project plans too!