Introduction: White Lily...(eggless Homemade Cake)


lets us make a simple spongy,soft creamy eggless cake without oven... using gas and with simple steps...and ingredients.. i call it as white lily.. just try this cake i know you all will love this ..

enjoy it...

Step 1: Ingredients..


  1. Vanila Premix Powder.
  2. water.
  3. strawberry /lichi /rose syrup/crush..
  4. oil
  5. fresh cream
  6. nossel
  7. icing bag
  8. cake pot
  9. beater.
  10. white compound/milky bar cadbury
  11. food color
  12. cherry/vermsilies.(decorative materials).

Step 2: How to Make Cake Base?

1.Take 2 big cups of vanila premix powder i.e. approx 400 ml.

2.Add water to mixture approx 250 ml mix well and make a paste as shown in image.

3.paste should be flow as shown in pic.

4. add 1tbsp of oil.

Batter is ready to bake....

Step 3: Icing..

  • Take pot out of it and allow it to cool.
  • Cut base in two equal parts.
  • Apply sugar syrup on it to make it soft...
    • sugar syrup= take 4 spoon of sugar in 1 glass water boil it
    • allow it to cool.
  • Apply it evenly by using spoon
  • First beat cream properly
  • Spread on base evenly
  • Spread syrup or crush of any flavour (of your choice) i prefer lichi and strawberry most.
  • Sprink some white compound/milky bar cadbury.
  • Place another half part of base on it.
  • Apply sugar syrup on it.
  • cover it completely by wiped /beated cream.

Step 4: Baking..

1. Dusting a pot- apply oil to pot and dust with flour remove excess flour.

2. Put batter in the pot.

3.Take big vessel keep stand into it pre heat it for 5 mins

4. keep pot in it.

5. keep it on low flame check it after 20 mins by tooth pick from all sides if nothing sticks to it that means your base is ready..

Step 5: Decoration..

1. Take cream in another bowl add color stir little.

2. Cut icing bag so that nossel fits in it properly and doesn't move.

3.put cream in it and make some beautiful flowers. i used 2d nossel for flowers.

4. Sprink some versilies on it.

5. And some crush white compound / milky bar chocolate.

Your delicious white forest cake is ready to eat...

please try this and let me know your experience...

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