Introduction: Whitford Middle School Library IPac Web Tutorial

Hello Whitford students!  This web tutorial will show you step-by-step how to find resources in our library.  Follow this guide and you are on your way to the information you are seeking!  If you need any help, of course never hesitate to come ask.

Your book-loving librarian,
Mrs. G.

Step 1: Enter the Beaverton School District URL Address

Go to the search bar on the upper right part of  your screen, or the URL bar on the top left of your screen, and enter:

Step 2: Click on "Schools"

Step 3: Click on "Library Resources"

Step 4: Click on "Whitford"

This takes you to OUR Whitford Library iPac.

Step 5: Click on "iPac Library Catalog"

Step 6: Click on Search Type

Here you will need to pick a search type from the following:
AUTHOR Browse (All libraries)
TITLE Browse (All libraries
TITLE Keywords
SUBJECT Keywords
SERIES Keywords

Step 7: Enter Your Search Term.

Here you will enter your search term(s).  I am doing an author search for Wilson Rawls. You must enter the LAST name of the author here.  You must spell your search terms correctly or you will not get accurate results! You may want to Google the term if you are not getting results, to make sure you are spelling it correctly.

Step 8: Click on the Best Result for Your Search.

You must make some judgement calls on this step.  The only result I found for Rawls, Wilson in our library is for Where the red fern grows: the story of two dogs and a boy.  If you are wanting a different title by Rawls, Wilson you will have to change your search type to AUTHOR Browse.  This will yield results for other libraries in Beaverton School District. We can always request the book from one of these schools if Whitford does not have it!

Step 9: Locating the Resource

Here you will look for the Call # for the item and find the resource.  This item is a Multiple Copy found under RAW in the fiction section. If you have trouble finding your item ask me or another librarian for help! Good luck and enjoy your discoveries!