Introduction: Who Shoes

I got a pair of plain white canvas shoes, or "sand shoes" and decided to make them more fun.

This is my interpretation of the "exploding TARDIS" from Doctor Who, applied to shoes. You can use this method to put any image onto canvas shoes.

Step 1: Prep the Immage

Find the image that you want to put on, and print it out to the size you want.

In this case, I also printed it in mirror image, for the other foot.

Then I drew a grid on it, of approximately one inch squares.

I cut along the vertical lines, so that it would curve more easily around the shape of the shoe.

Step 2: Prep the Shoes

I drew the corresponding, one inch grid, on the shoes.

Step 3: Art

Laying the image on the shoe, I pealed up one column at a time and sketched out the image.

Once the sketch was on, I filled it in with fabric paint.

In thins case, I started with the lighter colors, and once I was happy with the image, filled it in with the blues and darker colors. This is because you don't want to try to put light colors over dark, you want a single layer of paint, or it gets too think, and will crack when the canvas moves, with wearing.

Step 4: Finish

Once you are happy with the image, spray the shoes with a waterproofing. Like Scotch guard.

Let dry. Then re-apply the waterproofing. (leave the laces out until the waterproofing is dry, or it will gum up the laces.)