Introduction: Who Ya Gonna Call?

1. Purchase shiny green material as well as a small amount of white and red material, stuffing and thread in each of the colors, 2 Styrofoam balls (for eyes). Black leggings and black shoes are also ideal if you don't already have them.
2. A whole lot of sewing! 
NOTE: Supplies cost me $45 (I already had the shoes). Time to make: A few hours every night over the course of 2 weeks.

Ghost Trap / Candy Holder for Trick or Treating:
1. Purchase a wooden Kleenex box. I got mine at Michael's. You will also need paint, a small flashlight or two a bike light and black rope, and a small cylinder to make a handle.
2. Drill 2 holes for the rope, Drill 2 holes for the flashlights.
3. Glue flashlights in place as well as handle.
4. Paint.
5. Slide bike light into place.
6. Tie black rope to the kleenex box.
NOTE: Supplies cost me $7.99 (I had everything but the wooden kleenex box at home). Time to make: About 2 hours.
This was an amazing candy bucket since my son is little and only going around one block. It doubled as a flashlight.

Stay Puff Marshmallow Cat:
1. Purchase blue and white material, and red ribbon. You will also need a thick piece of paper to make the cylinder for the hat.
2. Wrap blue material around the cardboard cylinder and glue down (Hot Glue Gun).  Add white material and glue in place.  Small red ribbon on top can be attached with needle and thread.
3. Cut blue material to size and cut a hole for the head.  Sew white ribbon in place and attach small red bow.
NOTE: Supplies cost me $9.44. Time to make: About 1 hour.
ALSO NOTE: The hat was something I just held in place.

1. You will need all beige clothing and a black backpack and black boots.  I got mine at value village.
2. Order 3-4 Ghostbuster patches off ebay. ($4.99 a piece plus shipping)
3. Add black electrial tap to the elbows.
4. Sew patches in place. (hat, arm(s), and to the right on the chest area.)
NOTE: Supplies cost me $40. Time to make: About 2 hours.
ALSO NOTE: You can buy a Ghosterbuster costume online for between $49.00 - $79.00

I downloaded the Ghosterbusters song off itunes and had it repeating on my phone.

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