Introduction: How to Customize a Bmx Bike

today i will teach you who to make a custom bmx bike
you will need

- A frame (20 inch)
- Fork
- handlebar
- 2x wheel (back and front wheel)
- Stem
- Grips
- Bar end (optional)
- Chain wheel
- Crank
- Pedal (2x)
- Chain
- seat

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Step 1: The Frame

Yes, The frame

firstly you must found your bmx frame if you want you can ordering a new bmx frame from (Danscomp,Ebay,etc)

I buy my current bmx frame from a friend for 50.00 $

Frame Tech Help

        1. What do I need to know when I am ordering a frame?

        If you are ordering a frame to replace an existing frame you will need to know your current seat post size, seat clamp size, head tube type, bottom bracket type and drop out size.

        2. When ordering a frame, how do I determine what top tube length I need?

        Keep in mind this is really personal preference, but as a rule of thumb taller people usually feel more comfortable on a longer top tube while shorter people usually feel more comfortable on a shorter top tube.

        3. How is top tube measured on a frame?

        This varies between manufacturers but generally top tube is measured from center of the head tube to the center of the seat tube parallel along the center of the top tube.


Step 2: Paint Job

if you want to give to your bmx frame a new life like me you only have to follow this video instruction

Step 3: Bike Parts

now then you have the bmx frame you will need all the part to complete your bike

Step 4: Final Step

now then you have all the part you will need to assembly  your new bike

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

part 4

Step 5: Ride Time !!!

This is one of my favorite bmx team video

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