Introduction: Who Well Starts ...(waiting for Spring)

This simpleinstructablesismaintenance, which this yearI didof mygarden tools...waiting fora springthatreallylatethis yeartovenitrehereinItaly.
Just look atmyinstructable: seethatlast yearat this timewe were alreadyinopen fieldswithcrops,whilethis yearwebegin tomove thesoil that,in thisperiod is stillwaterloggedfromincessantrains,recent
Todayisone of the firstdays ofgoodSun,and waiting, Iputinplacethe tools.
Nothing specialso justI wanted to giveatouch of designtomy gearnowconsumedby ensuringa thoroughmaintenance.

Step 1:

Itargetedmyoldergear,as you can seein the figure,weretrulypitifulconditions.
The first thing to dowas toremovethe layer ofrustand dirt.

Step 2:

With asteel brush,usingthe screwdriver,Ivigorouslyscrapedawayrustfrombothwheeluntil you getamore acceptableresultpossible.
Thesmallbladegave methe best results,while,with the shovelbig,as you can see, Ikindagave up;in factsomecementredsiduiwere too"attached"andI left themthere.

Step 3:

I passedthento the next step: paintingthecoat ofrustconverter.
Nothing toexplainaboutthisstep:a simpleuniformcoatofrustconverterand...wait forit to drythoroughly.
ThenI paintedbothblades witha sturdycoat ofacrylicspraypaintblack matwiththe result asin the second figure
To givea touch of class to whatI thoughtto createanairbrusheffectthat latelymuch useinmy projects.I'vedone usinga sprayofsilvercolor,by testingthe Jetwith smallsplashesandIfar enoughfrom the surfacebycoloring.
In thelastpicture you can seethemasking tapeI made forcoloringofthesilverblade,alwaysforaestheticreasons, of course.

Step 4:

Here is the result....
Afinal touch:my newlogo (are myinitials)....It reminds mesomething ...

Step 5:

And here's theend result,includingthe handleswhichIdulyWalnutcolouredcoatingcoloured.
Well.Wait for thespring withsuchtools, you have toadmit thatisa wholeother thing!!!

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