Introduction: Why Build a Robot for the Wedding?

I always liked robotics and had the dream of building a robot. Why not do that for the most important day of my life? Faced with the rush that are the preparations for the wedding, I built the robot that would take the rings to the aisle.

Everyone who knew me knew that would be my thing.

Step 1: Preparation

I was inspired by the robot model similar to Wall-e. The first challenge was to build tracks, so I thought about using bicycle chains. To assemble tracks it was necessary to cut pieces of wood in equal sizes and fasten them to the chain (Thirty five pieces per track – size: 100x20x5mm).

Each tracks has two chains that should run on the gear, I cut four wooden circles to give space between the gears. Because of the screw that holds the straps in the chain, I had to saw the chain teeth alternately.

Step 2: Tracks

To standardize spacing of wooden strips, I created a template marking the position of the screw. I screwed wooden strips into chains, alternating the spacings.

Step 3: Base

To make the base, I cut four pieces of acrylic in the shape of a triangle and a rectangle. I attached the four triangles and drilled three holes near the ends to be able to pass the screws that will hold the guide wheels and gears.

I sanded corners of the triangles and painted all the pieces black.

It is important to leave an oblong in one of corners in order to stretch the tracks.

Step 4: Assembly 1

Using cardboard the same size as the base triangles, I measured the size of each track.

Step 5: Assembly 2

To improve the support of the gears, I increased the hole at the top and put a bearing.

Start by mounting the rectangular base in two triangles that have the holes. Assemble whole set, starting with guide wheels, and gear. Then insert tracks. Assemble other side the same way.

Step 6: Base Finished

With the base finished, it is necessary to couple motors with the gear shaft. For the project I didn't have the adaptation part, I had to weld a part, however it is best to purchase the adaptation part.

Step 7: Body

Unfortunately I didn't have much time, I made the body as simple as possible. I assembled a wooden box and covered it with thin metal sheets to give the metallic finish. For eyes I used two bases of security cameras. And for arms I used two pieces of rectangular tube.

Step 8: Controller

For control I used an Arduino Uno Rev3, an H-bridge, a wireless PS2 control and a 12V battery. Follows the programming and the electrical diagram.

Step 9: End

I finished project on the wedding day, barely had time to test. Luckily everything went well and as you can see in the video the robot fulfilled its purpose and handed over the rings.

I am happy just to remember that day and as all my guests liked this surprise, after all it is not every day that you see a robot taking the wedding rings.

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