Introduction: The Glowing Egg

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Thank You !!!

so suprising for me, just get to the final with my glowig egg. Thanks to everyone here at instructables I can't belive just go so far with one of my projects. Hope I can show you more nice, funny, cracy, .... stuff soon.

Just have to say Thank You to everyone who has voted for me...........

Ohhh where to start?

Thinks laying around often unused or waiting for an idea. So I still have had some ATINY 13 with a RGB Fading Software here and don't know what to do with.

Then I started with instructables it is a lot of fun let's see what I can write. Then yesterday on Saturday 21.03.15 I see the Easter Egg Content. OK first I think this is boring what can you do with an Egg.While eating Breakfast this morning I have had Egg's, and so I thought it would be cool when I can make the Egg Glow.

My wife tell me I'm crazy I could not put everywhere electronic, but why not let's give it a try.

Most complicated Part was to get out the Food in the Egg without breaking it.

So here all it start the Egg with a LED.

Happy Easten

Made in Germany !!!

Step 1: What You Need Beside an Egg

When I still remember or I can find I will insert a link where you can get those parts.

1 x Egg bigger is better. Deichstadt Ei

1 x Resistor 10 KOhm

3 x Resistor 100 Ohm or 220 Ohm (I used 100 so it is brighter)

1 x ATMEL Atiny 13 with a RGB Fader Software you will find a lot of different Software in the Internet, I lost the one I used long time ago.

1 x Red Wire

1 x Black Wire

1 x Piece of a prototype board

1 x 8mm RGB LED

1 x some pinheader's usefull for charging

1 x small LiIon Battery I got one from a broken bluetooth Headset 3,7V 480mAh ist enough for a whole day.

Step 2: Solder the Board

The schematic is printed on the Blueprint it is very easy.

1. I bend the legs of the LED so it will be more easy to attach it to the chip.

leg 1 - common anode

leg 2 - Red cathode

leg 3 - green cathode

leg 4 - blue cathode

2. solder the LED and the 100 Ohm Resistors to the PCB

3. solder the chip and the 10 KOhm Resistor

4. Place a wire for the + 3,7 V

5. Make the connections on the underside of the PCB

Almost Finished the soldering Part.

Step 3: Attach Battery and Make First Run

First I sanded the pins underneath the PCB to make them shorter ans smooth so they don't stick into the battery, won't be fun when the battery get damaged.

Second I glued the battery underneath as tight as possible and make the connection to the PCB.

When everything is fine the LED should start to do what LED normally do, it should be much brighter in your room now.

When not then something went wrong.

When the magic smoke escape then something went horrible wrong.

Heat up the "Hot Glue" gun for the final step.

Step 4: Prepare the Egg

Lady s and Gentleman it is time to prepare the egg, get out all food inside and trill a hole that is big enough for the PCB and the battery.

After 22 Eggs this morning I managed to keep one egg finally unbroken enough to go ahead and show you my "EE2.0" Easter egg 2.0

Enough with my babble I will go ahead.

After your 22 or less Eggs it is time to glue the PCB into the Egg. I used some Hot Glue, fortunately I put a little bit to much glue so the pin header is not so easy to access as I want. But hey doesn't matter it work.

To say it with the words from Dr. Frankenstein. "It's alive"

Step 5: Finish

Nothing else to write.

Now with some Pictures of the finished egg, many thanks to the community for great tips to make my instructable better.

Please enjoy my third instructable ever, more will come soon many projects to finish so many words to write..

Hope you like it and watch my other projects.

Have Fun best greetings from Germany. Maybe I will write someday an instruction in German.


Step 6: Make More Pictures for You

Hi there all together...

unbelievable so many people already watch the glowing egg and leave comment like it and so on. Hey there are also some makers copy the "glowing" egg and show it here. ;)

So for almost my 6000 viewers I shoot some pictures today to show the "original" glowing egg in all its colors.

Have fun and vote my glowing egg.

Thank you so much for watching.

Thorsten Singer

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