Introduction: Wi-Fi Controlled Home Appliances Using ESP8266

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In this Instructable we are going to control our home appliances using ESP8266 12E and traics. This is a very cost efficient method because of the low cost of esp module(around 250Rs) and by the use of Traics the noise made by the relays is also removed

Step 1: Components Required

ESP 8266 12E


Header Pins

ESP 8266-12E

Bt-136d (Traic)

lm317(3.3volt Regulator IC)




5 volts Power Supply.

Step 2: Circuit Contruction

You can find the pcb design in the attached files.Here we are using traics instead of relays for switching purpose.We are using a ready made 5v power supply and then i have used lm317(smd version) to convert 5v to 3.3v which is required for the smooth operation of the ESP8266 Module. GPIO pins of the esp are connected to the output pins of the traic with the help of which we can control any device with the help of internet.

Step 3: Web Interface or App Interface

We can control our devices with the help of Website interface or you can also make an android/ios application interface to do so.You can easily make a web interface using Net Beans or Eclipse and if you want to make an android app you can try MIT App Developer.

Step 4: Important Data Sheets of Used Components

You can find the important datasheets of the major components used in this Instructable