Introduction: Wi-Fi Controlled Lamp

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Hello,here is another project I have made using micro-controller and it is "Wi-Fi Lamp".This uses wifi server to which the board is connected and the device which is used to give command to the linkit one board .I've used "blynk" app which is available for both ios as well as android devices.The setup is very simple,after it is made you just have to hold your smartphone in your hand and trigger different keys and button customized by you to change and mix colors.What you can do with this lamp:-

  1. Change colors
  2. Mix them
  3. Change brightness
  4. Set timer for the duration of lights

Here's a video of it working :-

Step 1: Different Colors

You can see here the different colors that can be set by you and even you can customize the colors!Jump over to next steps to see how I made this!!

Step 2: Things Required

We need :-

  1. 7 X Male to female jumper wires
  2. Perf board
  3. Mediatek Linkit One
  4. Wifi antenna included in linkit one box
  5. L.E.Ds (Different colors) or use RGB L.E.D
  6. USB cable
  7. Lithium ion battery (optional) it is also included in the linkit one box
  8. Glass jar
  9. Soap solution
  10. Cardboard box
  11. Solder
  12. Smartphone :-D

Tools :-

  1. Nipper
  2. Soldering iron
  3. Knife or any sharp tool to remove paint from metal objects
  4. Cutter or a pair of scissors
  5. Duct ta

Step 3: Schematic and Arranging L.E.Ds

Here's a schematic of the lamp.First of all trim the terminals of all the L.E.Ds to get the jumper wires female port in easily and up to the full.Solder the negative terminal of every L.E.D to each others to make a common ground for them as we have only 3 gnd ports on linkit one board and now we only need one gnd port as well as one jumper wire for negative side of every L.E.D reducing the mess.Now to every positive terminal connect 6 jumper wires one by one.Insert the positive terminal wires to any digital port on linkit one board you can also use other ports I haven;t specified the port because we can later on customize the pin from our smartphone!!

Step 4: Installing Libraries

I think you have already downloaded Arduino IDE,if no then you can download it from,if yes then you can download the compressed file attached below and after you uncompress it then copy and paste all the 4 files to C drive>Program files arduino > libraries>and paste all there.Now open examples>blynk>boards and shiels>linkit one.After opening hold this code and move onto next step.

Step 5: Installing App

Download it from google play store or itunes store.Create your account if you are a newbie or login if you had already done it earlier.Now click on send email after filling your address.You will receiver an email and it will be confirmed by the app and then create new project and add some sliders as well as some buttons for the project.Copy the auth token sent you via email.

Step 6: Sketch

Open the sketch attached below Or if you had already opened the sketch in earlier step then paste the copied auth token in the specified column. And then write "define ARDUINO 150"before the code starts please see the picture where I had highlighted the line.Enter you wifi details including SSID and password and when it is done upload it to linkit one. Also attach the wifi antenna you got with the box.

Step 7: Checking

Check if everything is running alright and if yes then move to next step!

Step 8: Making Solution and Designing Jar

Make a soap solution to make the water milky and also remove the logos of brand and tags from the jar cap.Make you own customized design.

Step 9: Arranging Everything in the Box

Arrange everything in the box including the antenna and also make sure that the L.E.Ds are upright and straight and also leave some space for the USB cable and if you want to use battery then also keep it inside the box.

Step 10: Jar Stand

Make a hole for the Mason jar to sit on the top of box above L.E.Ds.Do some adjustments to make the jar stable on the top of box.

Step 11: Power Supply

Use an ordinary charger output that is 5.0 volts and about 0.1 amps insert he USB cable there and micro USB in the port of linkit one board.

Step 12: Test It One Time Again

Test it again.Check the following things:-

  1. L.E.Ds fall straight on the jar
  2. Power supply is continous
  3. Jar is stable on the box
  4. All L.E.Ds are glowing

That's all ,I too failed because when I checked that if all L.EDs were glowing then I found that one was not glowing so the number was reduced to 5 from 6 ,you can see both arrangements!So,it is necessary to check before we move further !!!!But now I've changed the arrangement and the L.E.Ds are working fine now!!In video I am showing the ones after being changed!!!!These were changed before being put in the box!

Step 13: Done!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial !!!!

Please vote if you like!

Bye for now!

Questions and suggestions are most welcome!


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