WiFi Made Into Old Laptop Hard Drive!




Introduction: WiFi Made Into Old Laptop Hard Drive!

OK, so its not go the best pictures, and it combines a few other things I learned... but here I go.

This is made from an old IBM laptop [2.5"] hard drive, a Zonet ZEW2500P USB Wireless Adapter, Home Made Antenna thing, USB, Hotglue, and luck.

BE CAREFUL! Some of these old drives, especially the Hitachi - IBM ones use glass platters... these are fragile, sharp and easy to break. The little silver slivers of glass will make your day very bad.

Step 1: Find a Drive

This was easy for me, I bought 2 really old Toshiba laptops at a garage sale, one works, one was dead with it's 720MB hard drive. That's what I used.

The drive is held together with tiny T6 torx screws. I picked up a multi-driver thing at Radio Shack to get them out with, it's handy for cell phones too!

I had to grind some of the inside out, also the motor needs to be removed. I used a socket that the spindle fit inside of and a big hammer with a punch on the back to literally break it off the case.  This worked very well, and gave me a lot of space inside to fir the card.

Step 2: Mods Mods Mods and a Wireless Card

OK, now for the card. Take it out of it's plastic case, desolder the USB connector and add a cord. I wish I had a picture of this for you... I did the same with the antenna, any external will work, or build one like I did! there is lots of Instructables on this!

Once you got on a longer cord, and your antenna, you need to test fit.  I had to do a lot of grinding in the hard drive case, as well as cut out a notch for the wires to pass through. I wanted it to look as much as a hard drive as possible. Well, except the GIANT flashing antenna on top.

Be sure to insulate under the card some too. I used more hot glue, plus it holds it in.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Mod it, this is just for ideas! get you all started.  I also have a bluetooth I plan on doing a similar mod with. There's endless possibilities there, so have some fun!

By the way, This works great with my Cube PC!

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    lovin the laptop i planned to do the same to mine awhile ago bought the vinyl sticker sheets and everything but never got round to it but did umbrella corp out my  old gamecube. nice ible as well


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Haha, All that is on my picasa account : http://picasaweb.google.com/Morganlionpix  I own a plotter too, never did much with selling vinyl but may start doing that.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Everyone commenting on the laptop!  Its modded too, hardware...  Check it out!  Anyways, Acer makes me mad! They wont sell me parts! Thank you much for looking!