Introduction: Wicked Halloween Spider Web

This instructables will tell you how to make a Halloween spider web to make your yard or house scarier.

     I decided this year I would try to make my yard scary for Halloween. My neighbor always has these amazing Halloween displays and I know I can't beat her but I will at least add more to my yard.

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for this project can usually be found lieing around the house.




Bonus Materials (don't have to get):

Stretch spider web

Spider prop

Step 2: Building the First Layer

In this step you will build the lines of the spider web.

You start by making a basic frame, a rectangle. You then cross two peices of string (one vertical and one horizontal) into a cross formation. You can than add as many peices of string going from the center as you want. I only added four.

Once you are finished with the main lines of the spider web you start adding the circles. You start in the center and gradually go outwards untill you think it is enough. As you cross a line that extends outward you tie a knot.

Step 3: The Stretchy Web

Now you add the stretchy web behind the string web. I just stringed mine to the trees. But you could always tape.

Step 4: Make It Look Scarier

Some Suggestions to make it scarier:

1. Paint the string web glow in the dark

2. Get colored string

3. Get a spider

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