Wide Angle Shots

Introduction: Wide Angle Shots

This is a guide on how to make wide angle shots with a DSLR to get professional looking shots. It's not challenging, but getting a handle on

Step 1: Lens

Chose a lens that is designated wide angle. Generally, a rule of thumb is less than 50mm is wide angle, like 35mm, 28mm or 18. remember that APSC (crop sensors) have a 1.5-1.6x crop, so that wide angle is not quite so wide.

Step 2: Balance and Composition

Make sure that the horizon is level.

The rule of thirds is helpful for landscape pictures. Place the horizon on the top third or bottom third dividing lines, as this is more compelling to a viewer. Unless taking landscapes that highlight symmetry, the focus should usually be placed slightly off center in order to keep the photo interesting, and the eyes scanning the subject material.

Step 3: Depth

Adding depth is key to adding interest to your pictures. This means often it is good to present a subjects of varying distance. Foreground, mid-ground, and background are important, and can often draw the eye to the most important part of a wide angle shot, the landscape. I hope this guide was helpful, and good luck!

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