Introduction: Wifi Controlled Multi Sensing Robot

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in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to build a wifi controlled smart rover using nodemcu.

with this rover, you can observe the parameters of the robotic surrounding (light, temperature, humidity)in real-time with your smartphone.

first watch this making video

Step 1: How This Works

we are using blynk application to control and read the rover with the help of internet we send data to blink server and blink server will send data to the target device(nodemcu) and vice versa

Step 2: Componets Needed



robotic wheels

DHT 11 sensor



common PCB

10k resistor

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

connect LDR to a0

connect dht11 to d4

please watch the video

Step 4: Setting Up the Blynk App

please watch the making video I explained everything in that

Step 5: Code

Step 6: Happy Making

if you have any doubts please comment it below

watch video for easy making

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