Introduction: Wii Remote

This is what we built !

Step 1: These Are the Pieces You Will Need.....

You will need 36 pieces to complete this project.

Step 2: Building the Base

Arrange the pieces pictured here to build the base.

Step 3: Form the Base

Place white pieces together like this.

Step 4: Supporting the Base

Add grey and white pieces to secure base.

Step 5: More on the Base

Find the two small white pieces you will use next.

Step 6: Add on to the Base

Collect these pieces.

Step 7: Add on to the Base...

Arrange these pieces...

Step 8: Base

Put em together...

Step 9: Base

Arrange as pictured....

Step 10: Base

Make this L.

Step 11: Assemble the Base

Prepare to add the "L" to the remote.

Step 12: Laying the Top of the Remote

Assemble as pictured....

Step 13: Bringing the Top of the Remote Together

Assemble as pictured....

Step 14: The Details

Add the buttons....

Step 15: Finish the Top Layer

Add the long pieces to the remote.

Step 16: The Top Layer

Looks like this....

Step 17: Gather the Button Details

Gather these small pieces together.

Step 18: Putting It All Together

You're almost there!

Step 19: Voila!

Add the grey cord and you are done your Wii remote!

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