Introduction: Wikileaks Insurance File Necklace

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With the wikileaks case stealing headlines, everyone has been raving about the secret insurance file released by wikileaks.

What's on it?

When will they release the password?

Well I don't have those answers, but this project allows you to take the insurance file with you anywhere in style, just in case you can't find it when the internet is shut down by Joe Lieberman. This project is the perfect gift for the geek who has everything.

This is based on a project that was posted on boing boing.

For more info about wikileaks and how you can get involved go to

Step 1: Supplies

For this you will need the following:
2 laser cut acrylic panels
1 usb drive with at least 2gb of space
About 14 inches of ball chain with connector

Step 2: Laser the Acrylic

The first step is to laser cut /engrave the acrylic, you can do this with a company or find someone who has one.

The file i used is included, it was created using Corel draw.

Step 3: Epoxy the Acrylic to the USB Drive

Next you want to take your acrylic pieces and glue them to the usb stick. I used epoxy, but you could use any number of super glues. Let it dry at least over night.

Step 4: Attach Chain

Next you want to attach the chain. carefully thread the chain through and seal it with a connector.

Hemp rope or other string would also work for this.

Step 5: Obtain the Insurance File

Next you want to download the 1.4 GB insurance file. I'm not going to post the file to instructables but im sure google could help you.

Step 6: Show Off Your Bling

Now that you have the most secret usb key ever, it's time to wear it.

You can also package it as a gift, a cool idea would be to have an explanation of the wikileaks saga along with the usb drive.

Happy Leaking!