Introduction: How to Make a Smoked Meat Steak

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Summer has arrived and it’s the time for a barbecue in the nature, I call it the “Wild Barbecue”.

Every year and especially in summer I go camping in the woods, and the barbecue has been a part of my camping activities where I’ve learned many survival skills that I will talk about some of them in this instructable.

Smoked Meat Steaks is a delicious plate where I will show you in this instructable how to make it in my special way without using expensive grills, simply just by depending on the components of nature just like wood instead of charcoal and that gives a quite different taste for the steaks and for that I call it the “Wild Barbecue ”.


  • meat steaks
  • olive oil
  • wood
  • small stones
  • iron grill
  • some vegetables ( rosemary, onion, tomato, garlic, lemon )
  • salt and pepper
  • knife
  • clamp
  • wooden pallet

Step 1: Find a Place to Settle Up

The first thing you should do is to search for a good place in the woods to start up a fire and settle your camp.

Try to find space near a river that will help you in the grilling process, or if there is no a river settle in a place where there is no trees above you to let the smoke go away and to avoid a fire in the woods.

Step 2: Gather Some Supplies

Gather some big and small stones to construct the grill, and some wood to start up the fire, make sure to pick up some good type of wood like the wood of berry and walnut tree.

While gathering wood you should collect them of different sizes to maintain the fire in the grill.

Step 3: Construction of the Grill

Set the stones in a circular form, start by the big stones to form the base and then move to the smaller one's till you have a suitable height to start grilling.

Make sure to set the stones in a strong way by fitting the suitable stone in it's place, and make the grill not capable to destruction.

Step 4: Set the Wood

After you finish from the grill you have to find some dry grass and put them in the bottom of the grill.Then start putting the wood in the grill in a pyramidal form.

note: Start by a pyramidal form that helps you to have a big flame at first to get quickly a fire, then for grilling you should set the wood in a rectangular form (rectangular form is usually used for cooking for long time where it make the the flame or the fire slow)

Step 5: Turn on This Simple Grill !!

Whenever you want to start a fire you should make sure that there is nothing around you is capable to ignition like dry grass, this step is very important since it may make a fire in the whole forest or the place that you are grilling in by spreading all over the place.

There are several techniques to start a fire:

  1. fire by friction by using either a magnesium metal (by rubbing the metal with another to create a spark) or using a wooden stick (by drilling it rapidly on a piece of wood to make a hole and get a spark by friction.
  2. 'The simplest method is by using a lighter.
  3. Here in my case I ignite them up by using some dry grass at the bottom to boost the fire and some wood on the top using a lighter.

Note: add some green to dry grass or some kinds of flowers to make smoke.

Step 6: Choose Your Stake

Generally, a steak is a slice of meat (usually beef) that’s removed from an animal’s carcass and cuts across, or perpendicular, to the direction of the muscle fibers.

There are several types of stakes:

  • Prime or Select?
  • Angus
  • Grass fed
  • Dry aged or wet aged?
  • Sirloin steak or T-bone steak ?

There are many types of meat it needs a much more explanation where I can't do it right here it needs an instructable separately.

Here in my instructable I used a grain fed steak, it goes very well while grilling and it has a unique taste than the others.

Step 7: Preparation of Meat

The preparation of meat steaks is pretty easy since I do it in a classical method where you will just need salt and pepper and olive oil.

First of all you should add some olive oil on the surface of the meat stakes and make sure to keep it for 10 min at least, that makes the meat more mushy after grilling.

Note: You can add some avocado fruit by mashing the avocado and spread them on the surface of the meat.

Step 8: Continue Preparation of Meat

  • After you add some olive oil, add about 3 to 4 spoons of salt and rub them with them surface of meat while adding more olive oil.
  • Then you can add whatever kind of spices you prefer, in my case I prefer adding just pepper which gives the meat a great taste after grilling, a unique mixed taste between sweet and hot.

Note: Make sure to cover all the aspects of the meat steaks.

Step 9: Time for Grilling

This is my favorite step where wait for it to the see magic that goes on !!

After the preparation of the meat steaks you have to put them on an iron grille and transfer them to the grill, Every 5-8 minutes you should flip the meat steaks on each side using a clamp.

  • when you put the wood on fire you should add a little bit of some green grass to have smoke.
  • In this part make sure to grille it as your prefer to eat:
  1. if like to ripen the meat steaks completely it takes about 18-22 min in a such temperature using wood.
  2. and if you prefer it from the inside not cooked like the pink color it takes about 6-9 min.


  • It depends on the temperature that you are grilling on.
  • Grilling by using wood is quite different from coal(try it and see the difference)

Step 10: Create Your Plate

For a such plate I prefer to put a tomato, onion, lemon, rosemary and garlic. These components that I prefer are perfect for such smoked meat steaks and you can add whatever you like( tell me in the comments what else you prefer in a such plate)

Step 11: Get Ready Before the Arrival of the Steaks

Start preparing your plate by slicing the different vegetables, add some onions. garlic and rosemary to the grille where it gives a nice smell and makes the process of smoking of the steaks great, it gives the steaks the perfect smoking conditions.

Step 12: The Stakes Has Arrived !

When your steaks are ready and you make sure that they are cooked well, transfer the steaks and the rosemary to the plate and get ready for the delicious part.

Step 13: Enjoy It !

Now you can taste your delicious plate after this unique process that done all in the nature.

Step 14: Enjoying This Amazing View !!

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