Introduction: Wilderness Survival Kit

Step 1: The Fire

Fire is one of the most important parts of survival.

I have included:

Matches in a water proof container (Walmart)
Magnesium fire starter
Lint and cotton in a waterproof container

Step 2: Cordage and Tape

This is the part that help stick thing together and ties them.

I included:

Paracord- 50 ft
Cotton twine
Electrical tape
Duct tape wrapped around a pen

Step 3: First Aid

This section of the kit protects cuts and helps wounds.

Pain killers
Anti itch cream
Alcohol swabs
Q tips
Bandaid holder
Nail clippers
Floss and toothpick

Step 4: Knives and Hunting

I have included back up knives other than the one that's always on me. Also a sling shot. (A+ slingshots) I use steel and lead ammo.
Mini fishing kit. Plus snare wire.

Step 5: Sewing

Patches up clothes. Ties. And it closes things together.

Step 6: Lights

This can help at night time to see and can come in use as a signal device.

I included:
Crank flashlight
Flashlight with extra batteries
A laser pointer with light

Step 7: Storage, Warmth,and Shelter

These things can help keep warm and take shelter when needed.


Hand warmers
3 gallon ziplock baggy
Heavy duty garbage bag
Emergency blanket
Small ziplock bags

Step 8: Signal and Navigation

This helps attract attention to others and helps find your way to locations.

2 compasses (always have a few since people doubt their compass)
2 signal mirrors

Step 9: Water

Water is the most important because without it there is no way to survive.


Water purification tablets
Can to boil water
32 fl oz water bottle

Step 10: Extra

These are things I would keep just to make things easier.

Extra socks
Magnifying glass

Step 11: Survive!

I hope this kit will help a bit more if you are stuck in a situation and easier in the outdoors.
Hope you enjoy and be safe.