Introduction: William Jones' Pi Pie (mathematically Infused)

Here i show to properly make a William Jones' Pi pie.  All of the steps and materials are provided in order to make this truly mathematical pie.  All of the bold digits are the first 30 numbers, in chronological order, of pi.  Enjoy this instructable more for the entertainment purposes rather than the practicality of what we are creating.


Step 1: Materials

(3 point)s before we begin:  The name of our Pi Pie comes from the name of the man who proposed the use of the greek symbol for pi as a representation of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.  Secondly, this pie is much more pi related than pie related.  That leads to our third point- please DON'T actually attempt to make William Jones' Pi Pie because its probably dangerous, so enjoy this instructable for its mathematical goodness rather than its baked goodness.

On that note, it is time to gather your materials:

(1) Pie tin 
(4) Tablespoons of sugar
(1) Pre-made pie crust
(5) Oreos
(9) Slices/pieces of a certain fruit (we used apple slices)
(2) Graphing calculators
(6) Drops of math extract (purchased from our local office store)
(5) Pencils
(3) Protractors
(5) Tablespoons of butter

Step 2: Prepping the PI

Place the pie crust so that it fits the pan that you are using.  You don't necessarily have to use a circular pie tin for this because the mathematics infused in the recipe will alter the tin so that is circular because nature says you can't have pi without a nice circle.  If you do choose to use your own pie crust then roll it NO MORE than (8) or (9) times.

Step 3: Determining the Type of Pie

Take your butter and rub a small portion of it on the pie crust while it is in the tin.  Wait (7) minutes before you touch it after this so the butter and crust can mix for maximum goodness.  Next take your (9) fruit slices and position them equally around your pie.  Remember, the fruit you choose to put in in the beginning is what your pie will become.  Naturally, the apple slices we put into our pie will cause it to come out as an apple pie!

Step 4: Mathematizing

After you get your fruit into the pie get the (3) protractors and prepare them to be put in the pie.  All that needs to be done to the protractors is some tenderization so they bake better.  Tenderize the protractors by firmly striking them with your fists (2) times each.

Step 5: Mathematizing Continued

The next step is to prepare your graphing calculators to be put into the pie.  Heat the calculators in the microwave together for (3) minutes.  When you take the calculators out of the microwave turn them on and enter pi on the display.  Hit the enter button (8) times.  This part of the instructable is crucial, as the graphing calculators possess the active ingredients necessary for mathematization, and if not prepared properly the pie will not come out correctly. (again please do not attempt this because microwaving graphing calculators is bad).

Step 6: The Filling

The next (4) ingredients are to be mixed in a separate bowl in order to properly mix before putting it into the pie.  Put the (6) drops of math extract into the bowl and let them just sit there for (2) minutes so the math is allowed to properly "breath".  Next, break your pencils into (6) segments and drop them into the bowl with the math extract.  The easiest way to do this we found, was to use scissors to score the pencils and then break along the scores.  Stir the mixture (4) times and on the (3)rd stir, add in (3) tablespoons of sugar.  Melt and add the remaining butter and put the entire mixture in the microwave for (8) minutes.

Step 7: Combination

Take the mixture out of the microwave and pour it into the pie.  Preheat your oven to 314 degrees.  Place the oreos into the pie, but make sure they are arranged so there is a separate group of (3) oreos clustered together.  We don't know why the recipe only works this way or how we found out, but it is what it is.  After you have done this, put the other half of the pie crust on top to close the pie, sprinkle the rest of your sugar over and cut holes in the crust to allow the pie to bake more efficiently.  Pop that pie into the oven. 

Step 8: The End

Place the pie in the oven for (2) minutes and then your pie is finished!  Yes, this pie is so mathematical that it only takes that long to cook.  We believe that because of the power of pi as an active ingredient, the oven becomes incredibly efficient thus cooking the William Jones' Pi Pie faster than any other pie.  Now enjoy this pie! Serves (7) people.

Step 9: Redontactuallyattempt

As we said before, because of the active math ingredients in the William Jones' Pi Pie, the pie will automatically come out of the oven made of the (9) fruit slices that you put into it! And one last time, (please do not actually make this pie, just enjoy the tribute to pi.  The pie we show in the ending was purchased pre-made to make our instructable all it could be).  Thank you!

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