Introduction: Will's Jacob's Ladder

video of full Jacob's ladder

Step 1: Needed Suppiles

Make sure you enough string to work with. A minimum of 4 feet, but not
more than 5. Use a square knot to tie the string in a circle.

Step 2: The Start

Start with string over the thumb and between the pinky (last) and the ring (third) fingers on both sides as shown

Step 3: Double X Pattern

Use index (first) fingers go under the string on both sides. Go one finger at a time and pull outward to tighten. This creates a double X pattern as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Drop Thumbs

Drop the thumbs and pull tight (as shown)

Step 5: Thumbs Under

Rotate hands to the outside to let the thumbs reach underneath and grab the last string. Then, rotate the hand back as you bring the string back with the thumbs. Note: make sure the gets down all the way to the base of the thumbs. See photo.

Step 6: Thumbs Back Over

Next, bring the thumbs back over the top and under the second string. As you capture the second string, pull tight letting go with pinkies at the same time. See photo. Note: if you now have two strings over each thumbs, you are in the correct position.

Step 7: Pinkies Over

Now, bring the pinkies over the top and under the second string. As you pull back with the pinkies, let go with the thumbs and pull tight. There should be double strings coming off you index and pinky fingers. (see photo)

Step 8: Thumbs Again

Bring thumbs over the top and under the third string. Once captured, pull the thumbs back to original position. (see photo) note: this the one and only time that the string is over the thumbs, index fingers, and pinkies at the same time.

Step 9: Index Over, Thumb Over Triangle Position

With your other hand, making sure to not let any string come off your fingers, pull one side of the index string over the thumb and then pull the thumb string back over the top of the thumb to form a triangle between the thumb and index finger. ( see photo) note watch video carefully at this point for better understanding.

Step 10: Index Over, Thumb Over Triangle Position Part 2

Do the same thing on the opposite side to form the triangle there. Now you will have little triangle on each side. (see photo)

Step 11: Index Fingers in Triangles

Keeping tension, put your index fingers into each same side triangles (see photo)

Step 12: Complete Jacobs Ladder

With you index fingers in the triangles, rotate palms outward and pull tight, while letting string come off your pinkies.

Step 13: Undoing Without Tangle

To keep from tangling up your string, you need to find the X in the middle of the ladder and pull apart easily.