Introduction: Win Big on the Price Is Right

For many game show buffs, the Holy Grail of game shows is The Price is Right. Getting to sit in the audience is akin to sitting in the presence of royalty. Getting on the show and winning a prize, however, is the real goal.

List of equipment/materials:

- Computer with internet access and printing capabilities

- A rental car and hotel accommodations

- A LOT of energy and enthusiasm

- $40

- Government issued identification

Step 1: Get Tickets

The Price is Right uses a ticketing website called On Camera Audiences. You can get there by clicking the link or performing a Google search.

Once there, you will want to find the date that is most convenient for you and click on the link to the right that says "Priority Ticket" or "General Ticket." (Note: Priority tickets guarantee you are in the audience, while general tickets are prioritized on a first come, first served basis.)

Fill in your information and click "submit." Your tickets will be emailed to the address you provide.

Step 2: Make Travel Arrangements

It is pretty unlikely that you live in the Los Angeles area, but if you do, great. It is only a matter of driving for you.

If you are like the other 98% of the United States, you will want to make flight, hotel, and rental car arrangements.

The Price is Right is filmed at CBS Television City located at 7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90036. You will want to arrive at least two hours before your call time. Parking is only feasibly available at The Grove Shopping Center located just south of the studio. Parking can be pricy, so budget at least $40 per car, as you will be in the studio all day.

Step 3: Get Ready for a Long Day

You have made it to the show's line. Know that from this point forward, you are being watched meticulously by the show's producers. It is safe to assume that all people that may even possibly work for the show are watching you. Act crazy, but don't get crazy. Be friendly, charismatic, lively, and funny, but don't do anything that may get you escorted off of studio property.

The first thing that will happen upon passing through the gates is a line where you will receive your name badge. You must present government issued identification to make it past this step, so be forewarned, no exceptions.

A studio intern will come by, look at your ID, write your name in impeccable writing, and hand everything back to you. Stick your tag high on the front of your shirt.

You will then be cattled through a photo booth where you will have your picture taken and later solicited to buy it for a pretty penny.

It is at this point that I will tell you that it is a good idea to bring a book, food, anything to keep you occupied for the following four hours, as you will simply be sitting as the tension mounts.

About an hour before the show, the producers will interview every member of the audience in ten-person groups. It is important to stand out from the rest at this point, because the lead producer will give you ten seconds to convince him that you should be the one on the stage playing for a new car.

Step 4: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

After watching a couple episodes of The Price is Right on outdoor televisions, a safety video will be shown where the show's announcer will walk you through some safety procedures. Basically, don't trample anyone or kill anyone and you should be fine.

At this point, CBS pages will lead you up a couple flights of stairs and into the show studio. Loud music will be playing and it will be a lot like a dance club. This is to keep you lively and fun for people at home to watch. Remember that you still don't know who is to be called up, so the producers can still change their minds if you get boring and someone else steals the spotlight. Dance, yell, hug your friends. Be fun(ny).

When everyone is seated in the studio, the music will calm down and the iconic music will start with George the announcer saying "HEEEEEEEEEEERE IT COMES FROM CBS TELEVISION CITY IN HOLLYWOOD, IT'S THE PRICE IS RIGHT!"

Everyone will lose their minds and George will start going down the list of the first contestants. An intern will be on stage with prompt cards with the names of the people being called (in case you can't hear George over the craziness).

Once the contestants are up on stage, George will introduce Drew Carey and the show will take off.

Step 5: Participation Is Key

Just because you weren't called up with the first contestants does not mean you are out of the running altogether. When contestants are asked to bid on certain items, scream your guess. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong. What matters is that you still stand out.

After a few rounds of people winning or losing, contestants are called up one at a time. When you hear your name called, be crazy. They chose you because you entertain people at home and consequently get ratings for them. Hug everyone but don't fall unless you want to look ridiculous on national television. They won't edit out your fall in post production.

Step 6: Win That Prize

You've made it past the weeding out, past the difficult bid, and now you're on stage with Drew. Pay close attention to the prize being announced. If it is expensive (i.e. a new car), it will be a lot harder to win compared to, say, a new set of luggage.

When bidding, verify with the people you came with. They are likely a lot more calm and collected compared to you. After all, cameras aren't in their face and the entire audience isn't screaming at them.

You make your bid, you hear the bells and sirens go off, and there you have it: you're the proud winning contestant on The Price is Right. Now go win that showcase.