Introduction: Wind Hooters for Your Yard

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Its wintertime and the wind is blowing. Make these "Wind Hooters" instead of wind chimes to add errie sounds to your yard. You can turn them off at night by turning the slots away from the wind (if they bother your neighbors).

Step 1: Cut the Slot

Peel off the label and cut a slot lengthwise down the bottle about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide and about 5 inches long. You can use a 2 liter soda bottle or even smaller bottles for the windhooter.

Step 2: Drill the Cap

Drill a small hole in the cap for mounting the windhooter down. I used a strip of 2 by 2 and mounted down several bottles.

Step 3: Insert a Screw

Insert a screw in the hole and use this to hold down the bottle. The end of the bottle needs to be capped or it won't hoot.

Step 4: Mount in a Row

Mount several bottles in a row on a 2 by 2 piece of wood. Tie down the strip on a fence, railing or pole in your yard.

Step 5: Adjust Slot in the Wind.

The sound is best if the wind blows across the slot.. You can turn it off by twisting the slot away from the wind. Narrow slots or smaller bottles make higher notes. Experiment with different bottles and slots.

Step 6: Video

Here is a video of the sounds.

Step 7: Credits

I got this idea from Plastorgan. This is a great project for the kids. Also check my webpage for more about the Windhooter.

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