Introduction: Wind Turbine Mobile USB Charger

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I love wind turbines. Last month, I built a new working wind turbine from recycled material. Today I've added some small gadget that made it a practical Mobile USB Charger powered by wind.

I wnated to share it with you so you can start building your own.

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Step 1: Collect Stuff for Your Charger

As usual, I've collect this instructable material from recycled stuff and other projects I've completed.

You can find those stuff around at your disposal or you can buy them.

For the wind turbine, I've added detailed instructions of how I made it here.


  • I got this wind turbine I've built last month.

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  • USB Mobile charger for car

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  • Some weights
  • Some wires
  • Long metal pipe

Step 2: Connect and Test


Connect the output of the wind turbine to the input of the USB charger terminals.

That's it. You've now got a working wind turbine Mobile Phone Charger.


Roll the wind turbine fan to test the system for functionality. You can see the Mobile Charger LED is illuminating as you roll the fan.

Congratulations. It works !!!


Install the wind turbine on the long metal pipe so it can get higher wind speed at the higher altitude. Install the metal pipe and Secure it with heavy weights.

Step 3: Charger in Action - Running in Actual Wind

Put your wind turbine at a windy location and connect the Mobile Phone with the USB cable to the charger. Wait for the wind to blow.

As you can see in the video, at a lower wind speed the wind turbine rolls at a fairly low speed. But the charger is working pretty good.

Through the practical experiment, connecting the charger to the wind turbine chargers the phone faster than when connect it to a small solar panel as I did before.

Thanks again, and see you on instructables to come.

That's all. Thank you for reading.

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