Introduction: Wind-chime Lamp

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This is a project made out of recyclable materials. A very creative work of art out of materials you think are useless anymore

Have fun doing this and wake up your creative self.


  • mini kiddie bowl
  • LED
  • solid wire
  • recycled antenna
  • metal chain from unused necklace or yarn
  • vials or mini jars (4)
  • battery clip
  • 9 volts battery (12 volts source is more suitable for the lights to glow brighter)
  • glue stick
  • recycled bicycle LED light


  • electric tape
  • soldering iron and lead
  • wire cutter
  • cutter
  • pliers
  • metal saw
  • electric drill
  • glue gun


  • Safety must observed

Step 1: Know Your Materials

  • Prepare and make sure that the materials needed are complete
  • every material is essential for the project to succeed
  • make sure that all the materials are present

Step 2: Chimes

  • for the chimes, we will used the recycled part of the antenna
  • cut them using a metal saw
  • length and number is up to you
  • after this, use the electric drill to make holes on one side of the cut part of the antenna
  • after that, put some metal chain or yarn on the holes. It will serve as its holder when hanged. Again, the length is up to you

Step 3: Lamp Vials or Jars

  • vials are more suitable because they vary in small sizes only and they have their own cork
  • use an electric drill to put holes on every cork of the vials. this hole will be a way for the LED inside of the vials

Step 4: LED of the Lamp

  • use a soldering iron to fix a wire on both leg of the LED
  • put the fixed LED on the hole made on the vial
  • use a glue gun to fix it on place. It will also prevent the cork of the vial to be opened

Step 5: Use the Kiddie Bowl

  • using an electric drill, put some holes on the bottom part of the bowl. these holes will be the place of the chimes. make sure that the number of holes are equal to the number of chimes you've made. Also make sure that these holes has equal spaces to maintain balance
  • also put holes on the place where you will put the handle
  • after that, put holes where you will place the vials

Step 6: Battery

  • make a battery holder out of the recycled bicycle LED light
  • use a battery clip so that building the circuit will be easy
  • this battery will be placed on the top of the wind chime

Step 7: Put on the Vial Lamps

  • using some metal chain or yarn, put the vials (with LED and wire) on their appropriate holes you've made
  • connect the LED wiring with each other. Make sure to connect the positive wire to the negative wire and vice versa
  • leave the last two wires, it will be connected to the battery
  • putting a switch is optional

Step 8: Put on the Chimes

  • put the chimes on the appropriate holes you've made
  • put them one by one across their holes then put a stopper to prevent it to be removed

Step 9: Be Creative

  • put another chime on the middle
  • on the end of the middle chime put a thing that can be blown by the wind. With that thing it will make our wind chime produce sound

Step 10: Present

  • There you have it!
  • I'm sure it works!
  • Our very own WIND-CHIME LAMP :)