Wind/Solar Powered Carnival Game

Introduction: Wind/Solar Powered Carnival Game

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Here you will get the opportunity to build a wind or solar powered carnival game!

Step 1: Materials Needed for This Project

This project is pretty simple, the most important piece is the yellow motor that has a high-torque, low-speed end and a low-torque, high-speed end. You will also need a wine cork that is not pictured in the pictures here. You can also use a battery pack if necessary, but you can also power the game in other ways!

Step 2: Start Building!

In this step, I extended the arms of the high-torque end for the foam discs that will hold some of the moving parts for the game. I also mounted a threaded end to the high-speed end of the motor that can be easily removed if necessary. The motor was attached to piece of cork, but this could easily be done with cardboard or whatever is available.

Step 3: Attaching the Foam Discs

Here I eyeballed the center of the blue foam disks and cut a hole in them for the plastic arms. From here I mounted the arms back onto to the motor.

Step 4: Adding the Targets!

I used t-push pins to mount targets onto the foam discs. I found some stickers that I could attach to the t end of the push pins so the targets would rotate as the motor is running.

Step 5: High-speed Targets

I threaded a cork onto the red adapter that I was able to attach to the high-speed end of the motor. I also used more t-push pins as mounts for the targets.

Step 6: Putting It All Together!

Here I put everything together! I used some more stickers for the targets for the high-speed end of the motor. This piece is optional, since the high-speed motor spins pretty fast.

Step 7: Adding Some Height to the Game!!

The game was dragging on the table so I needed to raise it up without getting in the way of the spinning mechanisms of the game. I mounted a piece of wood to two pieces of cork to make the game taller and I used hot glue for stability rather than tape.

Step 8: The Game Booth

I used an 8x8x8 cardboard box as the booth for the game. I made some modifications to the box in order to have enough room for the game and all of the spinning mechanisms.

Step 9: Mounting the Game Into the Booth

I made some holes for the wires in the back of the booth and the power source can be from a battery pack, solar panel, wind turbine, or any other form of power!

Step 10: Complete!

I attached the solar panel to the roof, but you could easily attach a wind turbine or battery pack to the back of the booth in order to get power. You can decorate this project anyway you want to and really personalize it to your interests!!

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