Introduction: Windmill School Project

Working model of windmill is a common science project given in class 6 and above. The idea is to explain conversion of energy from one form to another. Usually parents are the ones dealing with the dilemma of making it and end up buying the whole project from local electronic or project making shops. Buying the project kills the whole idea of giving the project in the first place, which is to encourage children to learn while making something.

Others commit a very innocent mistake of attaching motor fixed with fan to the battery cell and end up making a fan run on battery instead of a windmill.

We at make this daunting task easy by providing all the material and instruction manual to make an easy windmill.

Material required

Plastic fan


Motor (6v or above)


Wooden board

Wooden pole to mount motor

Connecting wire

Cello tape

How it works

When the wind passes through the blades, the blades experience a lift due to the aerodynamic airfoil shape. Due to the lift produced, the blades move and start rotating. The yaw unit aligns it towards the incoming wind direction when the winds change. The rotation of the blades is transmitted through the gear train and couplings to the generator that generates electricity. The electricity is then transmitted through the wires to the storage batteries or directly to the grid.

Instructions to make

  1. Mount the motor onto the wooden stick or which ever material you are going to use to make the pole.
  2. Make sure the motor is secured tightly with cello tape. Next place the pole onto the wooden plank or base support material you are going to use. We use ply board as its strong and easily available.
  3. Cut the connecting wire into two pieces and remove the insulation from the connecting wire.
  4. Loop in resistor to the terminal in the motor and attach one of the connecting wire to the resistor and other connecting wire to the terminal.
  5. Next attach LED terminals to both the ends of the connecting wire.

You have just finished your project. Now simply rotate the fan at a very high speed to see if the LED lights up. I have a shared a link of a youtube video to help you finish a working school science project and how it works. How to rotate the fan for LED to light up