Window Garden on Kitchen & Garden Waste and Water



Introduction: Window Garden on Kitchen & Garden Waste and Water

I had seen some beautiful flowering plants on the windows in various European countries like Hamburg and was fascinated. These added color, life to those houses. Some were hanging pots while others were neatly placed on frames of the windows. When we constructed our new house, there was a plenty of space on the ground for making a garden, yet, I decided to keep plants also on the windows for making windows look more lively. For this, I decided to recycle the waste from kitchen and also the water during rinsing of pots and dishes in light of severe drought present in our region. This year, the rains have started and are supposed to be in good number but still I have continued the practice of recycling water and waste. The plants seem to be happy since they get nutrients from the waste.

Step 1: Preparing the Pots for Planting

This was a simple task and no rocket science was involved. The bottom layer was that of coconut tree waste which is fibrous. Then came the compost layer coming from our garden compost tank where we add all degradable materials generated in garden and kitchen waste. On this, I transferred plants from nursery and again added some more compost.

Step 2: The Changed Look of the Windows

First pot contains basil and rosy periwinkle which has just started blooming. The second has a fragrant variety of Jasmine and third has full bloom of periwinkle. It takes few days to few months for the plants to grow and bloom. But the plants are happy even during the peak of the summer as of now and give us a cool green feel to our eyes in this penetrating sun shine and heat.

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