Introduction: The Window Refrigerator, Modernized From the Last Depression - a Green Money Saver

Unplug the most expensive item in your house and save $$ by keeping food fresh the old fashioned way. I asked my dad how he saved money during the depression. VOILA! The Window Refrigerator! Here is a modern version you can make for under 10$ in less than an hour. The ultimate green, non polluting appliance.
In the winter to cut electric bills (or ice bills for those still using ice boxes) people used a number of different contraptions to harness nature. In the depression, metal window boxes with sliding doors sprouted from tenement windows. People had been making them out of wood for over a century. Also known as the window shelf, this version combines the experience of the past with modern materials.

Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Baling wire
4 eye hooks or screws
picture hanging wire
a piece of styrofoam or cardboard
planks of wood-optional

The perfect window would be in your kitchen, north facing, and inaccessible to burglars and evil doers. most of us will have to compromise in some way. Another factor is the type of window available. Every style and size of window will need a slightly different installation process. I chose a window with an outer storm window, allowing me to pull the storm window down to the top of the box locking it into place. If you have a different type of window , adjust my instructions to suit. Some windows will need a few boards placed on the window sill for extra support, just like some air conditioner installations.
There are many types of boxes you can use .I chose a storage bin re-enforced with baling wire.

Step 2: Poke and Stick

Take an ice pick stick it in and poke holes as indicated in pictures.

Step 3: Getting Wired

Cut a 6 foot piece of wire, pre- bend it and insert as shown in the pictures by the lime green lines. The dotted lines represent where the wire goes under the plastic. Twist the wire into loops where it emerges. Note that the wire goes in and out the bottom for strength.
If you think you need to, add a second wire as shown by the pink lines. This wire starts connected at the loops and goes around the outside intertwining with the original wire. Loops are made at the bottom corners of the box so you can attach it to your window with picture wire.

Step 4: More Wire

Insert a 4 foot piece of picture wire into the holes in the handle. Twist it back to itself as shown in picture.

Step 5: Hinges

Follow the cat's instructions and insert shoe laces into hinge holes. Tie off securely. Open and close several times. If it is catching anywhere, trim back the plastic, till it moves freely .

Step 6: Get Screwing

Install first set of eye hooks on the outside wooden window frame 2 feet above the the level of where the top of your box will be. If you are using screws install them angling upwards and and outwards. attach 3 feet of picture wire to them. Install the second set of hooks/screws even with where the handle wires would be when the box is in place. If your window needs wooden supports , place your boards on the windowsill to a height that will help support your box.

Step 7: Install in Window

Put box in window, placing the rim between the storm window sill and the inner window sill. the box should be in one corner, so that you only have to block one side. Attach side picture wires straight out to side screws. Attach upper wires to loops on outer edge of the box.Check to make sure your box is slanted slightly downward so that rain will run away from your window. Tighten wires. Close storm window to help hold into place. Cut out styrofoam to cover opening in window. Tape in place. I prefer packing tape, it's clear so it won't show outside, and removes easily. Tape other gaps.

Step 8: Decorate and Fill With Food

Since you have to look at it , put a picture or poster on the lid. Since everyone else has to look at the outside, decorate that also. I thought about pandering by putting "" on the outside, but since the election is only a coupla days away.....
Put your food in. Close window .TA-DA!
P.S. if you have any free space in your fridge, put in bottles of water which will help moderate the temperature.
P.P.S. if you want to find out about more elaborate versions check out these two links

larger carbon free fridge

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