Introduction: Window Utility Bulkhead

This is a quick and simple little project that allows the bringing of utilities (power or gas) thru a window while maintaining a weather seal during an emergency

Step 1: The Old Way

This project came about because of a winter storm that knocked out power at my location for several days. While I have a whole house generator I don't run it at night to save fuel. This means I use a propane heater with a long hose to keep the house warm at night. In the past I would just stuff rags around the hose thru the window with less than optimal results (see photo).

Step 2: Safety

During storms and other natural disasters people tend to bend the safety rules while trying to maintain living conditions in their houses. I won't preach but will simply say be careful. My heater is designed to be used indoors and has low oxygen shutdown. Portable generators need to be far enough away from the house to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, etc.Workshop safety includes safety glasses and push sticks and all the usual warnings about loose clothing and power tools.

Step 3: Tools and Supplies


Table saw

Standard saw blade

Dado blade

Electric drill

Drill bits

Tape measure


1 2x4

Step 4: End Caps

Start by cutting 2 pieces of 2x4 9 or 10 inches long and cut a 1/2 inch dado down the middle approximately 3/4 inch deep.

They will be cut to final length later

Step 5:

Set the end pieces in the window and measure the distance between them including the depth of the dado's and cut 2 pieces of 2x4 this length

Step 6:

Run a 3/4 inch dado the length of one of the 2x4's. Then set the dado blade to just cut to the depth needed to reach the dado's that have already been cut and cut the mating ends to fit into the dado's (tongue and groove)

Step 7:

Fit everything together and mark the end caps so they can be cut to final length

Step 8: Penetrations

Measure the wire or hose that needs to come through the bulkhead and drill the holes along the seam of the long 2x4's. Disassemble and using a hand saw turn the hole in the raised edge into a notch for your wires or hoses to set into

Step 9: Using

To use set the end caps in place in the window and slip the long 2x4 with the raised edge between them.

Set your wires or hoses into the notches and set the top 2x4 into place.

Pulling the window down locks everything into place and makes a tight weatherproof seal