Introduction: Windows 7 Icons

This Instructable will teach you about Windows 7 icons and files.

Step 1: The Basics

When you start windows, on your desktop you'll see icons on your desktop. These icons can be programs, files, folders or if your like me games, you will also see the recycling bin but ill talk more about that later. When you right click a icon it brings up lots of different options. These include renaming, deleting, looking at the properties and lots more.

Step 2: Selecting and Moving Icons

When you left click an icon you select it. This allows you to do many different things. However if you left click beside an icon and drag over the icon you can select many different icons at once. If your in a folder you can also L click + shift click another file and you will get whats in image two. You can also do the same thing but with Ctrl and get something like image three. As you can see there are many ways of selecting icons, but do yo know how to move them. To move icons just select the icons you want to move and hold down the L mouse button. this will allow you to move things in your computer.

Step 3: Deleting Icons

So far we have learned how to select and move icons. But there are probably are some icons that you don't want any more. This is where the right click that I told you about earlier comes in. If you R click an unwanted icon, a drop down menu will appear. Here you can select the delete button and *poof* unwanted files/icons gone, somewhat.

Step 4: The Recycling Bin

All previously deleted files go to the recycling bin on your desktop. In the recycling bin you will see all the files you have deleted. The reason why they don't get erased immediately is because if you accidentally deleted an icon, you could undo that process here. However if you are sure you don't need the files in the recycling bin anymore you can empty/clean it out which removes all of those files from your computer. There is no undo button for this, once there deleted they're deleted. Another thing you might have noticed is your recycling bin icon change. The two phases are "empty" and "full". This allows you to quickly see if you have anything in the recycling bin, pretty cool right?

Step 5: Use What You Have Learned.

I have a task for you to as the title says, Use what you have learned. First try making a new icon by right clicking an empty space. Then try renaming it and moving it around. Then go into your documents and try shift clicking and Ctrl clicking some icons. Once you have done that delete the file you created, go back to your desktop and look inside your recycling bin. Once you have done this you will have learned every thing I taught you about icons/files. Thanks for reading this Instructable.