Windows: Impossible!

Introduction: Windows: Impossible!

This is an Instructable for April Fools where you can make any Windows computer very difficult for the victim to use...

It is easy to do and easy to this is two pranks in one!

Step 1: Get a PRT SCR...

The first step is to minimize all windows so you can see the desktop.  From here, you need to press the PRT SCR button that is near the number pad.  This is the Print Screen button and it captures whatever is on the screen and saves it to the Clipboard for later use. 

Start he Paint application (can be found by going to START then All Programs, Accessories and then Paint).  Click EDIT and then Paste.  This will take the image you just took of the desktop and place it into the Paint application.

Click on FILE and SAVE - name the file something easy and note the file path.  It is easiest to save it to the desktop or the users Pictures directory.  Close Paint.

Step 2: Remove the Desktop Icons...

Now you need to remove the icons from the Desktop. 

Windows Vista:

Right Click any blank space on the Desktop, click VIEW and then remove the checkmark from the "Show Desktop Icons" by clicking it.  The icons will disapper shortly.

Windows XP:

Right Click any blank space on the Desktop, click "Arrange Icons By" and then remove the checkmark from "Show Desktop Icons" by clicking it.  The icons will disappear shortly. 

Step 3: Change the Desktop Wallpaper

Now that you have a desktop with no icons, you need to load the image that has icons as the wallpaper. 

Windows Vista:

Right click the desktop and click PERSONALIZE.  Choose Desktop Background and then browse for the image you created in step one.  Click OK to apply the image to the background. 

Windows XP:

Right click the desktop, click PROPERTIES.  Click the DESKTOP tab and then the BROWSE button to find the image.  Select the "Stretch" option for the Position and then OK to apply the background.

Step 4: Sit Back and Watch the Fun...

Now you get to watch the victim frantically click on the "icons" and have absolutely nothing happen. 

If you are really clever, you can undo this, show them that the comptuer is working and, when they are not looking, set it up again to continue the fun...

This is a classic trick that works on all versions of Windows - so have fun with it!

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