Introduction: Windows - Minimize

In this instructable, you will learn about the minimize button and how to use it in Windows 7. The minimize button can be a very useful tool for anyone who uses computers. This guide was created for people who are new to Windows 7 and are curious about it.

Step 1: Finding the Minimize Button

To find it you will need to look in the top right corner of the open window. It needs to be open for you to see it. It should be next to 2 other buttons, the restore button and the close button. It will be the button that it furthest to the left and it has a bar in the middle of it. To make sure you have the right button you can move your cursor over it and it will display what button it is.

Step 2: Clicking the Minimize Button

So your probably wondering what will happen if you click it. What it does is it temporarily closes the window you are in and will show what is behind it. Don't worry though, the window isn't gone. You can find it at your task bar (the bar at the bottom of your screen with a bunch of icons on it). If you have a window open it will be highlighted and moving your cursor over it will tell you what it is. If you want to re-open your window again, all you need to do is click the icon on the task bar and it will open and be the same as when you minimized it. Another way to minimize a window is to just click the icon that same way as you opened it when it was minimized.

Step 3: Now What?

Now that you have learned how to use the minimize button, you might be wondering why it is helpful. The minimize button is very useful for temporarily hiding windows that you don't want to completely close. It is also useful if the thing you are doing requires you to have more then one window open as you can easily switch between them. Congrats! You are done!