Introduction: Wine Bag-in-Box-Cup Holder

This instructable shows you how to make a Wine Bag-in-Box with Cup holders from a normal wine bag-in-box. You can use any wine you want.

I added this function to optimize the wine bag-in-box for festivals.

Now you can easily fill the cup by your own and carry more cups. The light makes it even easier to fill the cups!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

1 Wine Bag-in-Box

some extra cardboard


cutter knife



additional: small LED lamp

printed document: Wine-Bag-in-Box-Cup holder.pdf

Step 2: Remove the Bag

First open the box and remove the bag to be sure you won't cut in the bag.

Step 3: Double Wall

Cut out a piece of cardboard with the same size as the biggest side plane.

Step 4: Cut Out the Shapes - Paper

Cut out all the shapes from the document.

Step 5: Draw

Draw all the shapes you've cut out on the wine box.

Draw the HANDLE in the middle of the top plane.

Draw the HANDLE on an extra piece of cardboard.

Draw the CUP HOLDER 4 CUPS on one of the biggest side planes.

Draw the CUP HOLDER 1 CUP on the bottom plane.

Draw the CUP HOLDER 1 CUP on an extra piece of carboard.

Draw the HOLES (two) on the plane where the wine comes out.

Draw the ROPE ENDS on an extra piece of cardboard (two times!).

Step 6: Cut Out the Shapes - Cardboard

Cut out all the shapes you've drawn on the cardboard.

Attention! The shape CUP HOLDER 1 CUP is still fixed on one side.

Step 7: Cup Holder 1 Cup

Glue two pieces of rope at the end of the CUP HOLDER 1 CUP. Glue the same shape at the back to make it stronger.

Glue the ROPE ENDS at the end of the ropes. (length: 14.3 cm)

Step 8: Handle

Glue the two HANDLE shapes together. Add a piece of rope between them, make sure that you have a piece on both sides of the handle. Glue the end of the ropes on the inside of the box .

Step 9: Led Lamp

You can add a LED light if you want. Cut out a cirkle with the same diameter as your LED lamp.