Introduction: Wine Barrel Dog House

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1. Find a wine barrel and buy it.

2. Cut hole in the head of the barrel.

3. Build a base for the barrel to be supported and not roll away.

4. Add finish to barrel and seal it.

5. Place blanket or dog pillow then entice your doggo with a treat to enter the dog house.

Materials used:

1. Wine Barrel

2. 2 2x4x96" lumber

3. Drill

4. Construction Screws

5. Stain

6. Polyurethane

7. Router

Step 1: Find Your Wine Barrel

Finding a wine barrel for an affordable price is so important. The average used barrel I found can cost anywhere from $120 USD to $220 USD.

This can put a damper on your exquisite dog house so make sure you check Craigslist!
I found mine for $80 through Craigslist from somebody trying to dump everything they owned since they were moving cross country.

Also make sure you're barrel doesn't have any rot along the side. This will make it unstable for your dog and can bring some unwanted pests into your house.

Once you found your barrel make sure you bring a friend to help lift it. These things are incredibly heavy, even when completely empty and dry!

Make sure to give it a quick wash outside to get rid of anything that might be living in it.

Step 2: Cut a Hole in the Head of the Barrel

Making the entrance to the barrel can be done various ways.

I personally used a router to carve out a smaller hole in the head to maintain a little entrance. The router had a nice circular base so it kept the circle even on all sides. One thing I did not account for was the thickness of the head. It was about 3/4" thick. My router tip only made it to about 1/2". I then used chisels to knock out the remaining 1/4" on the cut. Because of this portions of the top fell apart and had to be glued back together. This allowed me to be a little more creative with the entrance.

You could also drill out a small hole and then use a keyhole saw or compass saw to saw through a traced circle.

Another option would be to remove the top metal straps of the barrel and just completely remove the head allowing for full access.

Once your barrel is open wash it out and remove anything that might be inside. It's also worth it to take an old towel and wipe the inside down.

Step 3: Build a Base for the Barrel

Your base can be as simplistic or elaborate as you would like.

I went with just a basic square frame with two raised portions to prevent the barrel from rolling. The barrel then sits lifted off the ground and allows a breeze to come under it.

For my base I used simple 2x4's.

I cut one piece to 32" two pieces 24" and another two pieces to 36".

I planed these pieces down to create a nice smooth look and allow the stain that will be applied to pull out more features from the wood.

I set the two 24" pieces to be at the front and back of the stand. Added the 32" piece as a middle support beam. Then attached the 2 36" pieces to rest on top of the front and back piece.

Step 4: Finish and Seal

Once you get your barrel attached to the base and flipped then add your choice of finish.

First I lightly sanded the barrel to pull any dirt off it. Then I applied some Early American stain to the base and barrel, and used a towel to wipe off any stain that found its way onto the metal rings.

Let it dry over night. Then apply a coat of polyurethane to seal it and give it a little pop. I use a urethane that applies 3 coats at once to help save time. I then let it sit for a couple days to dry.

Once dried move it to the location of your choosing. I placed mine on the front porch but could easily be moved inside.

Make sure you have someone to help move it. This thing is even heavier and more awkward!

Step 5: Let Your Doggo Enjoy!

I placed a blanket in mine for my husky and placed a few treats in there. He absolutely loves it and doesn't want to come out.

I hope you enjoyed this build and your wonderful dog enjoys their new dog house too!

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