Introduction: Wine Barrel Fire Pit

This instructable will show you how to turn an old wine barrel into a wood burning fire pit. After not finding the exact fire pit we wanted to buy I choose to build one as a gift for my wife.

Tools/Equipment Needed:

-Sheet sander/Belt Sander

-Sandpaper 60/80 Grit. 120/150 Grit ($4)

-Rags ($2)

-Wood Stain ($4)

-Fire Pit 29'' Home Depot Fire Pit I used ($40)

-Wine Barrel ($80 Full barrel $40 Half varies by area)

Total Cost: $90

Step 1: Get Your Wine Barrel

I found mine at a winery we were visiting that happened to have some on sale. I bought 2 halves for $75 and had planned on using them as planter boxes. Time passed by and they got weathered and full of water. I searched on craigslist and found some as low as $50 a barrel but since I had mine there was no need to buy one.

As you can tell from the pics it needs some work!

Step 2: Start Sanding

I first started with an 40 Grit but there was too much damage to the barrel so I switched to 60 grit and then 80 grit which worked great. After that I moved onto a 120 grit and finally 150 grit for a final quick sanding to smooth everything out.

Step 3: Staining Time


Now that the warning is out of the way let me tell you why. Stain will corrode your gloves if you wear surgical style ones and you will have stained hands!

To apply stain the easiest way is to do the following.

1. Lightly dip a small piece of the rag (1"X1") piece that has been folded several times onto the surface of the stain and hold for a second.

2. Remove the rag from the stain.

3. Rub stained rag lightly and quickly across the wood you need to stain. Follow the grain of the wood. ie on the barrel in would be up and down on each lat of the barrel.

4. As you progress try to keep the darkness of stain at a similar level. After 10-15 minutes rub the barrel with a clean rag to remove any excess stain. (do not worry if you get some stain on the metal bands).

Step 4: Sand Your Metal Bands

Sand all the metal bands with a 80/100 grit to remove any rust/excess stain.

Step 5: Place Fire Pit on Top of Barrel

Remove fire pit from the packaging and place the bowl part, grate and cover on top of the wine barrel.

There you have it an awesome easily made fire pit.

The only thing I would change is the metal bands. I would probably paint them with a black rustoleum to match the Fire Pit top better. Other than that it works really well.

Now its time to roast some marshmallows!

Note: When you have your first fire you may see some smoke coming from under the fire pit bowl (like I did). This is not the barrel burning, it is steam from the moisture in the wood itself. After the first burn I have not seen it again. I removed the bowl and dried it afterwards to prevent rusting underneath.

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