Introduction: Wine Bottle Squirrel or Chipmunk Feeder

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This instructable shows you how to re-purpose a wine/liquor or other glass bottle into a small animal feeder.

Step 1: Materials


Glass bottle


Hole saw (it is a circle-cutting drill bit)

Step 2: Find and Cut Your Bottle

Find a bottle you would like to use and removal the label (if there is one). Next, cut the top off. If you are wondering how to cut a glass bottle, see my other instructable on how to cut glass bottles. All you need is some way of rotating the bottle and a very direct/pointed flame such as a propane torch.

Step 3: Cut Your Wood

See the diagram above for the measurements I cut my wood to for the various pieces of the feeder. Obviously you can vary what you see and customize it to your preferences. I left a little extra room between the bottle and the front of the feeder in case I need to replace the bottle and it happens to be longer. In order to keep the bottle steady, I cut a piece of wood that fits snugly into this space.

Also, depending on what animal you are making this for, you may want to limit what uses the feeder. I wanted to make this for chipmunks since I had already made one for squirrels so I decided to cut holes on both sides of the feeder as an entrance. Again, you do not have to do this. You can leave both sides open completely without using any wood (just the roof). It is up to you. The main purpose of this instructable is showing you how to reuse the glass bottle you have.

I forgot to write down the dimensions for the wood pieces in the diagram I made. I will write those down and add them.

Step 4: Assemble, Glue, and Nail

Place your cut pieces of wood together to make sure everything fits accordingly. Once you are happy, use wood glue to attach the pieces together. Once dry, nail them together to provide extra reinforcement.

Step 5: Add Feed and Place Outside

Once you have finished nailing the final pieces together, add some type of feed to the feeder and place outside. Thank you for viewing.

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